Sustainability in projects

Sustainability in projects

The workshop Sustainability in projects offers an insight into possible integration of sustainability tools and techniques into projects. The aim of this workshop is to develop in a practical manner the basic tool box for sustainability in projects.

The content of the workshop corresponds with and draws from the established project management methods and frameworks, such as PRINCE2 and PMI, but it integrates specific aspects of sustainability: in particular the definition of social and environmental benefits in the business case, comprehensive project environmental impact analysis and the development of a sustainability management plan.

De training Sustainability in projects wordt regelmatig gehouden in de steden Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Apeldoorn, Eindhoven en soms ook op andere locaties. Bij het aanmelden kan je zien waar en wanneer de komende trainingen gehouden worden.

€ 1.195 excl. BTW (€ 1.445,95 incl. BTW) of
€ 1.314 BTW vrijgesteld
Inclusief cursusmateriaal, lunch, koffie en thee

2 dagen achter elkaar
Een trainingsdag bestaat uit 2 blokken van 3 uur les en 1 uur lunchpauze.

De trainingstijden zijn van 9:30 – 17:30 uur. Alle trainingslocaties zijn goed te bereiken met het openbaar vervoer.

Why is sustainability in projects important?

Sustainability has become both a significant business driving force, often expected by investors, and a key factor of market competitiveness. It is also a matter of legal compliance. Products and production processes need to be sustainable, with recyclable materials, reduced energy consumption, best if coming from renewable sources, and a through consideration of impact on social and natural environment.

Content of the training

  • Sustainability in Project Business Case
  • Sustainability in Product Description and Requirements
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Project Environment Analysis
  • Benefits mapping
  • Reference to the organisation’s Environment Management System
  • Sustainability Management Plan / Approach
  • Controlling project sustainability performance
  • Sustainability Reporting
Windmolens en zonnepanelen in een weiland

Projects may carry sustainability into organisations. Introduction of sustainability in product design and in production or delivery processes happens through projects. Project themselves therefore need to integrate sustainability and may support the organisation’s response to legal requirements, such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) disclosure.

How will the workshop be facilitated?

The workshop will be based upon a real or simulated project selected by the participants, which will allow us to put into practice the essential tools of sustainable project management. Short introductions will be followed by practical work on selected sustainability aspects in the project.

Benefits of the workshop

  • A grasp of the sustainability perspective in project processes
  • Development of sustainability tools and techniques
  • Acquisition of an essential toolkit for sustainable project management
  • A starting point for introduction of sustainable project management
  • Identification and evaluation of sustainability needs and possibilities in an organisation

What may be the following steps?

The workshop is a good starting point for further implementation of sustainable project management. Several activities are possible: follow-up workshops focusing on a specific project portfolio in an organisation, dedicated project consultancy and assessment.

The workshop is rooted in the approach of the PRISM approach (Project integrating Sustainable Methods) and the P5 standard (Product, Process, People, Planet, Profit) developed by Green Project Management Global. A formal training, leading to the certification of Green Project Manager (b), based on these frameworks, is possible, if there is a need of a standard within a client organisation.

Target group

  • project managers / aspiring project managers
  • programme / portfolio managers
  • PM assistants / project management officers / PMO staff/ (Project planners)
  • Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Project sponsors


The workshop is organised at a public venue for an open group a couple of times per year but can also be held in-house  at a client’s location. The time needed for the workshop is two to three days.

Contact us  for more information.

Note that this workshop is English spoken only.

Download more information about this training here.

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